My name is D’Anne Dougherty, and I am an intuitive counselor. Growing up, I was an extremely sensitive, intuitive child, and learned as I got older that it was possible to use my intuitive gifts instead of being afraid of what I experienced. As a teacher and parent, I now dedicate myself to not only clearing away unwanted energies from people’s homes and businesses, but also to helping families with intuitive children find peace and confidence.

I offer services designed to bring harmony into your home or work space. I will use my experience from 15 years of working with families and training with well-respected members in the field, to help you to achieve the peaceful inspiring home or work space you desire and deserve. I will help your intuitive child to understand the often confusing or scary experiences they are having, and will help you in supporting your own child and connecting in a deeper way through your experiences together.

Here I have two journals, one blogging about my own experiences, and another with confirmations from others regarding my work with them, as well as their own experiences. I hope you will find the stories there affirming to your own intuitive experiences.

Please reach out if you would like to communicate. I would love to hear from you!


Latest Journal Entries