My name is D’Anne Dougherty, and I am an intuitive counselor.

I offer services designed to bring harmony into your home or work space, to help you to gain clarity around health concerns, and to help maintain a connection with your departed loved ones.


I will help to clear unwanted energies from your home or office and can help you learn how to take control of your own space and do this for yourself. I love being given intuitive guidance about how to personalize the clearing and protection of your space.


I will connect with the medical team that I work with in spirit and allow them to answer, though me, questions you have about your physical body and health. The readier you are to use the information given, the more information they seem to impart. I am simply the translator, carrying the message from them to you.

I will help you to have communication and understanding with your loved ones who have crossed over. Sometimes they have a lot they would love to share with us, and sometimes we simply gain a deeper understanding of what they are experiencing or have experienced. I am honored to be able to be a part of these sessions, and to often be a support during the grieving process.


Here I have two journals, one blogging about my own experiences, and another with confirmations from others regarding my work with them, as well as their own experiences. I hope you will find the stories there affirming to your own intuitive experiences.


Please reach out if you would like to communicate. I would love to hear from you!


Latest Journal Entries