A Visit from Bertie

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soul-623424_1920 (2)My daughter and I have been in our new house for about a year and a half now. The energy continues to be clear, with no interference from outside energies. This is a new experience for both of us, and we appreciate it!

Over the past couple of weeks, however, I have been noticing something that I have never experienced before. As I walk through the house, not paying particular attention, I see what I am looking at slightly morph into a different image. It seems to be what the house looked like before I moved in and changed it. To help paint the picture for you, I bought a split-level house that was built in the early 70’s. It was built and lived in by one family its entire existence before I bought it. Before I moved in, the house had not been updated at all. It was pretty much a scene from The Brady Bunch, and it’s very different now.

So, from time to time the last couple of weeks, I see the house as it used to be. This catches my attention, of course. A few times it caused me to stop and look directly at wherever in the house seemed to be doing this. As I look at it, it slowly goes back to looking the way it really does today. It is a strange experience.

Late one night as I was sitting in my living room, I kept noticing shadows going by, and reflections moving in the glass of a large picture on the wall. This was going on for a while before I really became aware of it. I checked the energy of the room to see if there was anything with me. There was. It felt like a man’s energy, and I realized it was the presence of the man that I bought the house from. I wondered out loud, “is there someone here?”. Immediately, I heard a woman say what sounded like, “It’s just Bernie”. I asked for the presence to be gone, and it immediately went away. This happened a couple more times over the following week, each time with me asking the question about what was happening, and each time hearing the woman’s voice answering me, with what sounded like, “It’s Bernie”.

I was talking with someone on the phone about this one night, right after it happened again. I told this person that I really felt the energy of the man who used to live here, but that man’s name was Herbert, so I didn’t understand what “It’s just Bernie” meant. I had thought maybe I was hearing the previous homeowner’s wife speak, who had passed away here and sometimes communicated with me. But who was “Bernie”? The person I was talking to said, “Well, maybe she used to call him Bertie for short”. Aha! Bertie!

I laughed. I checked in to ask if this was true, and it was. I checked in with the man who had lived here, to see if he was still living. He was, but he did not seem to be doing well physically, and was possibly preparing to leave his body. It seemed that as he traveled in and out of this body and this existence, he visited the house here. I had been experiencing this by seeing the house the way he was seeing it. It reminded me of the time his wife had visited me, and had asked to sit in the house so she could remember the way it used to be. I was at that time able to see through her eyes for just a moment.

I haven’t had this experience in a little while. Maybe I’ll hear from one or both of them again. Maybe I’ll check in with this man and just see how’s he’s doing sometime. But next time, I’ll try to listen more closely to what’s being said.

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I have helped many people to clear out unwanted entities and energies from their homes and businesses, and have taught them to do this for themselves.
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