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435130608_640Recently my daughter had a visitor of her own, and she shared the experience with me later that day.

This happened one morning when I was in my back yard talking with a friend who I hire to do yard work for me. We had finished discussing the landscaping job he would help me with, and had moved on to him sharing the story of the loss of his youngest son. His child had passed away a week earlier, after a 5-year battle with serious illness. I listened and witnessed for him as he shared the details of his son’s last days, and of his family’s plans to honor him with a memorial soon.

After we finished talking, and walked around to the front yard, I saw that my daughter was sitting in the back seat of the car with her door open. We had been on our way to the beach, and she was ready to go. I hopped in and we were on our way. It wasn’t until later that day when things had quieted down, that I heard from her, “Oh mama! I forgot to tell you something that happened this morning!”

As she had sat in the back of the car waiting for me to return, she saw a little boy out of the corner of her eye walking up to the car from behind. She turned and watched him walk up to her open car door. He was young, wearing a striped shirt and gray shorts. She recognized him from pictures of my friend’s son who had just passed away, and noticed that he looked taller and healthier than in the pictures. He walked up to the door and stood facing her, just staring at her. She said he seemed sad. As they looked at each other silently, she said she began to feel a little “creeped out”. She looked away, facing the back of the seat in front of her. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see him turn and leave. She looked back at him, and watched him walk away from the car and go towards the back yard where I was talking with his father.

She and I talked about this experience a little, and she shared with me a couple of things that I found particularly interesting. One was that she almost exclusively sees spirit visitors as wearing striped shirts. And the other was that we agreed that it was exciting to be able to see these people. She said she wasn’t scared, just felt a little creepy as he was staring. I am encouraged that she seemed to gain self-confidence from this.

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I have helped many families over the last 15 years or so to understand the things that are going on in their homes and families, and have offered counsel to parents whose children are sensitive in the same ways I was as a child. I am excited to be able to help parents to support their children’s intuitive abilities, and for these children to grow up feeling empowered and embracing their gifts.
I have helped many people to clear out unwanted entities and energies from their homes and businesses, and have taught them to do this for themselves.
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