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Clearing the energy in your home or work space doesn’t have to be spooky or mystical, and it doesn’t always require the help of others. There are many things you can do yourself, to claim your space, set your energetic boundaries, and create a peaceful environment.

Sometimes we just need to freshen up the place energetically, sort of sweep out the energetic cobwebs, so to speak. Here are some ways to do that.




smudge4x0Sage is a quick and powerful way to quickly shift the energy of your space. It is scientifically proven to change the energy of an area by adding negative ions, but sage has also been used since ancient times for purification during sacred ceremonies. White sage is the type usually used. It also leaves an amazing aroma lingering in your home or office.


You can buy dried sage in bulk online or from some metaphysical book stores. It is also sold bound in bundles of various sizes, called smudge sticks. Smudge sticks are convenient, because they give you something to hold onto while you are using them, and they can be extinguished when you are done and reused later. Loose sage will need to be burned in a safe fire-proof container. A small charcoal especially made for this can be used, just light the charcoal, place it in your container, then put the desired amount of sage leaves on top to smolder.


Once the sage has been lit, extinguish the flame and allow it to smolder and smoke. Walk from room to room, and allow the smoke to reach all the corners and crevices. Imagine the smoke flowing through fabric and furniture, cleansing and purifying as it goes along. Open closets and cabinets, and let the smoke touch any space where the energy could be stale and stagnant. This is called “smudging”.


Sweetgrass can be used in the same way, and can also be found in small smudge stick bundles.


As you move from room to room, and the smoke begins to dissipate, you may notice the room beginning to actually look lighter than before, as if someone has turned on a light somewhere, especially in the corners.




Black Salt


blacksaltAlthough the use of black salt has roots in various cultures and beliefs, I prefer to rely on the intention that has been put into it. Black salt is used a a powerful boundary tool. It has a history of keeping away those who mean us harm, and can be an energetic “container” for our living space.


To create a boundary of your property using black salt, walk the boundary edge, and sprinkle some salt along the line as you walk. A little goes a long way. Use your intention as you go along, and allow yourself to feel the strength of your boundary. Continue along the border of your property, until you meet back at the beginning. Afterwards, take some time to imagine any negative energy within your space being lifted out, and the salt boundary holding strong to keep it out. I like to use sage to clear my space after using black salt.




Quartz and Himalayan Salt


saltsruffAlthough subtle, stones, especially larger ones, can be a constant helper of keeping your space clear. Rose quartz can add positive energy, clear quartz can help clear and help amplify positive energy, and a pink Himalayan salt lamp can continuously add negative ions to your room, while clearing and adding a sense of well-being. I like to keep these things around all the time, and feel that they enhance any other type of energy clearing I do. The salt lamps also give a lovely warm glow. I have one in my daughter’s and my bedrooms, and an extra large one in my living room.









Candles, Incense, and Decluttering


smokiestuffThis may sound overly simple, but please remember that it is so easy to shift the energy in your space. Sometimes it is as simple as slightly rearranging your furniture, or putting on music. You can do it at any time. In fact, it’s a good idea to periodically check in with yourself to see how your living space feels. If it feels “off” or “heavy” at all, go ahead and do any small thing right away to clear it. The more you tend to it, the easier it will be to keep it clear. This will also help any negative or stale energy from affecting you as much.


Chances are, you’ve already experienced the feeling of a total energy shift in a room when you changed the curtains, rearranged the furniture, lit some candles, or just put on some music that feels good to you. These things can be very powerful.


I can’t overemphasize the power of decluttering. The more physical clutter you have in your living space, the more energetic clutter there will be surrounding you. Of course we all do what we can, but just know that the more you create a clear, peaceful space physically, the more the energy around you will feel energizing and clear.






All of these things are simply tools to help us make our own personal boundaries more clear- to ourselves, and to any outside energy, whether it be a person or just a funky vibe. I have found that as I take control of my own space in this way, it helps me to be clearer with other types of personal boundaries when I am dealing with people in my life. I also love that I am teaching these things to my daughter, so that she may feel empowered to take control and change things when they don’t feel right to her, instead of being afraid or confused. I hope you will have the same experience!

D'Anne Dougherty

Energist & Consultant at D'Anne Dougherty
I have helped many families over the last 15 years or so to understand the things that are going on in their homes and families, and have offered counsel to parents whose children are sensitive in the same ways I was as a child. I am excited to be able to help parents to support their children’s intuitive abilities, and for these children to grow up feeling empowered and embracing their gifts.
I have helped many people to clear out unwanted entities and energies from their homes and businesses, and have taught them to do this for themselves.
I hope you will join me on this journey of understanding and empowerment.

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