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Growing up, I was an extremely sensitive, intuitive child, and learned as I got older that it was possible to embrace my intuitive gifts instead of being afraid of what I experienced. I now dedicate myself to helping others to be empowered by their own intuition and the energies around them. I find it to be my life’s mission to help dissolve the stigma around death, grieving, and intuitive experiences of any kind. I also enjoy empowering my intuitive daughter, and helping other children and young adults to embrace their gifts and see them as strengths instead of fearing them.

I will use my experience from about 20 years of working with families and training with well-respected members in the field, to help you to achieve the peaceful inspiring home or work space you desire and deserve.
After experiencing a significant loss of my own, I am honored to be a part of others’ grieving process, helping them to honor the path of grief that is truly theirs. I will help to facilitate a connection with your lost loved one if that is what you desire.

After many years of connecting to the spirit group that identifies as the Medical Team to help friends and family members, I am now honored to carry their messages to those who would like to receive them.