Medical Intuitive Sessions:

For many years, a group of beings who identify themselves to me as the “Medical Team” have been making themselves available for insight and answers to questions.  They can be quite generous, and offer suggestions about diet, supplements, healing from injuries, and general health.  Some sessions focus more on energy and life lessons.  Sessions usually last about an hour.

Energy Clearing of Home & Office:

Our desire to claim our own space is the most powerful tool we have in this work, and our intentions are very powerful. I will clear out any unwanted energies and beings, and will work to close unwanted openings, helping to create a strong boundary for your home or office that will prevent further intrusion. I may have suggestions for things you can do yourself to help strengthen this work and make it last.

Intuitive Connections:

Our relationships don’t have to end when there is a death of the physical body.  Continuing relationships after death means different things to us all.  Some people need only to feel a heart connection, while others wish to have clear communication and an understanding of what their loved one has experienced or wants them to know.  These relationships, if we wish them to be, can be organic and can change and evolve over time.  This can help resolve issues, and can help us to find peace.  Some people find that sessions like these help support them in their grieving process.  I would be honored to be involved if you feel an intuitive connection session is right for you.

Grief Support:

Your journey through grief and loss is your own, and can be supported in a safe and respectful way.  I work to be part of the force to remove the stigma of grieving, and to take away the “shoulds” and timelines.  Group sessions are ongoing, and are all about having a safe space to share.