Just One Morning

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Several years ago, amidst some chaos in my life, I had an encounter with the spirit of a woman, just one time and never again.

This was only weeks after my husband passing away unexpectedly, and moving from our home afterwards into a house we rented temporarily. It was a beautiful home and I was grateful to have found it. The first night there was not what we expected.

First of all, the moving truck miscalculated the time it would take to load the trucks, and didn’t end up having time at the end of the day to deliver everything. We would have to wait until the next day to receive our beds. So, my then three-year-old daughter and I did what we would later learn to do very well. We improvised.

The couch had been delivered, as well as an upholstered chair. So we took off all the cushions and made a little nest on the floor of my new bedroom. I had recently bought a salt rock lamp, and we plugged that in. We curled up together in the warm glow of the salt lamp on that first night in our new, temporary home, grateful to have a safe cozy place and each other.

The next morning was when it happened. The first morning in this house.


The thing that awakened me was the sound of someone in the kitchen, which was down the hall from where we were. I sat up and listened. I could hear cabinet doors being opened and closed, and the sound of someone getting a coffee cup and setting it on the counter. I heard a drawer full of silverware being opened and closed. I heard a toaster oven’s timer ding, and someone open and close the little door. I could hear a chair being slid over and someone sitting down at a table. The smell of freshly made coffee and toast filled the house. Even with my bedroom door closed, the wonderful smells and comforting sounds of a breakfast being made out of routine filled my room.

The thing was, we were alone in the house. And there were no dishes, no silverware, there was no food in the house.

I remembered the landlord telling me the day before that the house had only ever had one owner, and that she had recently passed away in the house. Her family had quickly sold it afterwards.

Mrs Smith. That was her name.

I responded to all of this pretty quickly. It was important to me that my daughter and I have a safe place to regroup. I needed to create boundaries for us right away.

I quickly called out, “Mrs Smith! I’m sorry, but you have to go!”

The movement stopped, as if someone had gotten still to listen. I yelled out again, as loud and as clearly as I could. “You’ve got to get out of here! You don’t live here any more! Go to your family! You are not alive and we live here now! We need to be left alone!!!”

Instantly, it was all gone. I could hardly believe how quickly the smell was gone. It was literally instantaneous. One second the room was filled with the aroma of fresh coffee, the next second, nothing at all.

I opened the door, half expecting to still smell some lingering smells, or even to see someone sitting at a table in the kitchen. Nothing. I walked down the hall to the kitchen, and it was completely empty.

I thanked her. And it never happened again.

D'Anne Dougherty

Energist & Consultant at D'Anne Dougherty
I have helped many families over the last 15 years or so to understand the things that are going on in their homes and families, and have offered counsel to parents whose children are sensitive in the same ways I was as a child. I am excited to be able to help parents to support their children’s intuitive abilities, and for these children to grow up feeling empowered and embracing their gifts.
I have helped many people to clear out unwanted entities and energies from their homes and businesses, and have taught them to do this for themselves.
I hope you will join me on this journey of understanding and empowerment.

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