Home/ Office Clearing

clear180x180After a brief consultation by phone or email, I will tune into the space where you are having an issue, and will clear out any unwanted or unhelpful energies. I will then share with you what I found, and what the final result was. This may include some background into what may have been causing your disturbance or uneasiness. I will also offer some suggestions for things you can do to help keep your space clear and supportive.

Almost always, this initial clearing is all that is needed and the space will stay clear. Occasionally a space will have an issue reoccur, or will have something similar occur. In this case, we will revisit.

home or office space ~2,000 sf or smaller – $75
home or office space larger than 2,000 sf, or multiple dwellings – $125

Please contact me if you would prefer to have your space cleared in person.


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Intuitive Connections


Our relationships with loved ones do not have to end when there is a physical death.  In fact, we can stay connected, in whatever way feels right to us.  An intuitive connection session can allow for communication with your loved one with me as as the messenger, or could allow for a time for you to ask questions you may have about their experience or process, or about physical death in general and what happens after.


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Medical Intuitive Sessions

I will be the medium to connect you with the group of spirits I have been working with for years, who identify themselves as the “Medical Team”.  Bring your general or specific questions about health, nutrition, injuries or concerns about your physical body.  The team is quite generous with information about what is happening in our bodies and what we may be able to do to help support any issues we are facing.  The more willing we are to put into action any information we are given, the more information we may receive.


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Kit for clearing your own space

kit180xThese are simple tools to help you clear your space yourself, including Himalayan salt crystals, sage, and a stone with a vibration similar to your own. Packaged in a pretty fabric bag, including written instructions. I will include a verse that you may use to help in your process.



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