Visitor in the New House

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mirror1We had been living in our new home for a couple of weeks. I was standing in my daughter’s bathroom, looking in the mirror and putting my hair up. I realized I had been experiencing someone standing behind me and to the right, looking over my shoulder into the mirror. I looked and realized it was the spirit of the woman who had passed away in the house a year or two earlier, Liz. Her energy was very quiet and sweet. She didn’t seem to be aware of me noticing her. I told her that my daughter and I lived here now, and that we did not want other people in the house while we were living here. She seemed startled by this, and said she hadn’t realized I could see her. She was apologetic. I asked her if she realized her body had died and that she no longer lived here. She assured me that she was very aware of what was going on, and apologized for intruding. I explained that my daughter and I were very sensitive to energies and disembodied beings, and that we had moved here with the expectation that the house would be free of this, for our own peace of mind. She said she understood, and promised that she would not intrude again. I thanked her. She explained that she had been “waiting around” for her husband, and just thought she’d wait in the house they had shared. She didn’t explain what she meant by that. I assumed she meant that he would not be living much longer, and that she would wait somewhere and go along with him when he passed away. I suggested that she go find him where he was living now and wait for him there. She agreed that she would do that. She apologized again for intruding, and promised that she wouldn’t do it again. She said again that she just hadn’t realized that we’d be able to see her.

A few months later, late at night, as my daughter was sleeping and I was tending to things in the house, I sensed her presence again. This time when I acknowledged her, she quietly whispered to me a sort of “excuse me”. She asked me if it was OK that she came and asked me something. I told her it was OK and asked her what she needed. She asked me if it would be OK with me for her to sit downstairs in the living room for a little while. She explained that she was just missing her old home, and would love to just sit in the room for a little bit and remember what it used to be like. I told her this would be fine, and let her know I appreciated her being thoughtful and asking first. She was very thankful, and told me she wouldn’t stay long, and that she wouldn’t bother me again.

As I looked over the railing into the living room she was referring to, it seemed that I could see through her eyes. The room looked simultaneously the way it did that night, and also the way it did when she was living there long ago. It was like the two images were superimposed on one another. I noticed the room also looked different than it did when I first saw it, before her husband and son moved out. There was more furniture than when I’d seen it, with afghans and throws hanging on the backs of sofas and chairs. I carried on with what I was doing upstairs, and looked over to see her sitting on the sofa, with her back to me. She was just quietly sitting there looking ahead. I went in to the kitchen for a moment to clean up. As I came out and was heading to my bedroom, I glanced over to see if she was still there. She was gone. I have not heard from her since.

D'Anne Dougherty

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I have helped many families over the last 15 years or so to understand the things that are going on in their homes and families, and have offered counsel to parents whose children are sensitive in the same ways I was as a child. I am excited to be able to help parents to support their children’s intuitive abilities, and for these children to grow up feeling empowered and embracing their gifts.
I have helped many people to clear out unwanted entities and energies from their homes and businesses, and have taught them to do this for themselves.
I hope you will join me on this journey of understanding and empowerment.

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