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My husband passed away almost 4 months ago. When will I have some sort of communication from him, or some sort of sign? Is it possible it will never happen?

Often immediately following the death of a loved one, we have a time of perceived silence. This can be very unsettling.

There are a couple of things happening now that affect when you will have contact.

First, your loved one is going through a huge transition.  For some going through the transition, this can be a joyful time, and for others, it can be a little more disorienting and daunting.  And it takes some time.

Try to remember that your loved one is in a state where they have no real concept of time as we know it.  What feels like an eternity of days, weeks, even months to us could feel like seconds to them.   There are processes that each of us must go through as we “cross over”, although none of us does it in exactly the same way.  During much of these processes, it is simply not possible for them to communicate with us most of the time.  As soon as they are able to, they will.  Stay open to the possibility.


Second, many times our own emotional state affects whether or not we are able to receive communication from our departed loved ones.  When we are processing a lot of grief and shock (and death of a loved one is still a shock, even if it wasn’t a surprise), we are often physically unable to open to receive this intuitive, energetic communication.  Also, as our loved ones and their guides and helpers see us and sense our emotional state, they often will hold back to allow us to process our own loss, until we have made enough space to allow communication.  In fact, attempting to communicate with us when we are not emotionally prepared to handle it, can be deeply upsetting.


Our loved ones are not gone forever, even though their physical bodies are gone and life with them has changed.  They are OK.  They are near.  And when the time is right for both of you, you will be able to have contact.

It may help to try to remain timeless yourself, to focus on healing and taking care of yourself, and not focus so much on how much time as gone by or what has or hasn’t happened in the way of communication yet.  Have faith, it will happen.



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